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Our story

Greenway Crates has been specializing in renting plastic moving boxes, moving crates, dollies, and moving supplies to the residential and commercial moving markets in the greater Houston Texas area since 2010.  Moving really isn’t very fun in fact people actually hate the moving part of moving.  Well not anymore, Greenway Crates is making moving or relocating easy with so much less headache.  When you order your crates – you are removing the need for cardboard boxes.  Cardboard boxes are a hassle for so many reasons.  First you have to go buy the boxes, then you have to tape them up, then when you’re done with your move you have all of these boxes piled up and clogging up dumpsters and your trash.  


Our crates and dollies make moving easy for the simple fact that they are stackable, durable, and so easy to use no matter what type of office or residential move you are planning.  It’s time to change the way you move.  Greenway Crates is fast reliable, and very affordable for any type of move you have. Don’t believe us, listen to our customers reviews…..

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